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To read my work is to feel it, embrace it, to welcome it into your life and make it your own. The words are offered to help bring out your virtual character. It is inspirational, educational and political, simply a dedication...just because, erotica at its best and each of you can relate somehow.  In your mind, the work can be a combination of fantasy and truth; either way you care to enjoy, it's all up to you.  I started writing in public school with an interest in many genres of  work...to what you are about to experience, in this book of erotic poetry.  I started writing this style of work many, many years ago, but about 10 years ago I was asked do produce a calendar and it was a success. In 2011 I produced single poem calendar bookmarks, and from there it took off to producing calendars every year since then to the 2014 production of the book, "Taste & Treats", calendar "Chocolate Treats" and the CD "Eargasm".

By the time you are finished reading, my talent will have captivated all your senses where you have now become one in virtual reality of the reading. In my work, I am in total control. In my space, my imagination takes flight to virtual reality. Come along for the ride.

Yours in sweetness...

Excellent Read!!!!

This book goes from erotic to sensual in the turn of a page. I can read this book over and; over and never get tired of it. Never knew poetry could be this spicy! ;)