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Creating magic
with words

Stef Dukes Designed

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CONTACT: LSO, 718.666.1336

Email: latte@treatsnthingslso.com


NEW POETRESS OF SIMULATED INTENSIVE EROTICA...what happens when you release your self-restraints for enjoyment?

“…I have captured your senses for my taste and my smell lured you to the scented flavor of…”

NEW YORK CITY 2015 – Brooklyn’s own Author, LSO, will debut her erotic book of poetry “Taste & Treats". "To read my work is to feel it, embrace it, to welcome it into your life, and make it your own". The words are designed to magnetize your inner virtual character. It is erotica at its best created with the intent of helping you to relate and/or reminisce.  In your mind, the work can be a combination of fantasy and truth; either way you care to enjoy, it is all up to you.

LSO is an accountant and math tutor by profession, but her gift and her passion is poetry. LSO has been a semi-finalist in The North America Open Poetry contest, and has been published in The National Library, Into the Unknown.  LSO answers some of the many questions some may have regarding sensual experiences. "My gift of poetry, the ability to write, and create virtual interaction through words is now being shared with you".  LSO helps to enhance your intimate experiences and she also helps to bring back to memory a joyous time you may have encountered: creating magic with words.

LSO's motto is to “speak positivity into the atmosphere”, and “make things happen”. She was told to “do big things”, and holding on to that statement, November 18, 2013 she proudly self-published “Taste & Treats” which is heading towards success.  LSO vows to keep her creative juices flowing so that you can experience the erotic manifestations of her poetry.

An autographed paperback copy of “Taste & Treats” is currently available at www.treatsnthingslso.com, retailing for $17.00; there you can also sign up to receive newsletters and leave a comment or review.  Also, “Taste & Treats” is available on paperback and eBook at www.amazon.com, www.bn.com, and www.lulu.com.  Follow LSO on Instagram and Twitter @treatsnthings and Facebook @Treats Nthings. Also, the YouTube video at http://youtu.be/e29ZCjQzrGU.

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